Zack Snyder over Batman in Batman v Superman

Batman v Superman

Regisseur Zack Snyder sprak in een interview over de reden achter de keuze voor Batman in Warner Bros. Pictures’ Batman v Superman. De regisseur vertelde:

“After Man of Steel finished and we started talking about what would be in the next movie, I started subtly mentioning that it would be cool if he faced Batman. In the first meeting, it was like, “Maybe Batman?” Maybe at the end of the second movie, some Kryptonite gets delivered to Bruce Wayne’s house or something. Like in a cryptic way, that’s the first time we see him. But then, once you say it out loud, right? You’re in a story meeting talking about, like, who should [Superman] fight if he fought this giant alien threat Zod who was basically his equal physically, from his planet, fighting on our turf… You know, who to fight next? The problem is, once you say it out loud, then it’s kind of hard to go back, right? Once you say, “What about Batman?” then you realize, “Okay, that’s a cool idea. What else?” I mean, what do you say after that?”

Tevens sprak Snyder over het nieuwe Batman pak dat gedragen zal worden door Affleck:

“The thing also that’s really fascinating for me is that, even just in the tests we’ve been doing, the costumes, right? You basically have Batman and Superman — and this is without Ben [Affleck] and Henry [Cavill] in the costumes, but just like the stand-ins, just testing to see what the costumes look like. And you have them standing there and they’re standing in the same shot — and then we have Wonder Woman, you know, all three of them in the same shot. Even just for a test, you really have to go, “Wow, that’s crazy!” Not only is it the first time that I’m seeing them, it’s the first time they’ve ever existed together on screen in a movie. And that’s kind of a huge deal…..Unfortunately, I don’t even know the timeline… Because the movie takes place so far from now, it’s hard to know exactly. That all gets tied to marketing and strategies for the movie. It’s not just a free-for-all, which I’d love it to be. Because I take a picture of the suit with my camera– I’m actually staring at one right now in my office. And it’s just massive on my wall in my office and it’s epic, let me tell you! And I’m like, “God, I want to send this to the Internet immediately.” But I know I’m not allowed to!”

Batman v Superman wordt geregisseerd door Zack Snyder. Het is de tweede film in het DC Extended Universe en een sequel op de voorloper Man of Steel uit 2013. De hoofdrollen worden gespeeld door Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck, Amy AdamsDiane Lane, Gal Gadot, Laurence Fishburne, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons. Het scenario is geschreven door Chris Terrio en David S. Goyer. De superheldenfilm van DC Comics draait vanaf 24 maart 2016 in de bioscoop.