Michael B. Jordan over Fantastic Four-reboot


Er zijn nog steeds maar weinig details bekend over de reboot van The Fantastic Four. Tijdens een interview liet acteur Michael B. Jordan wat meer los:

“It’s something that we kind of willed to happen, which was really important to me and Josh (Trank). We’re lucky we had a studio behind us that really supported our ambition and our want for change. Now we have something really epic.”

Jordan bevestigde dat hij al meer dan twee jaar wist dat hij de rol van Johnny Storm zou gaan spelen:

“I’ve known about this character and playing this role for almost two and a half years now. So when I get all these new questions about how I’m feeling about it, I’m like, ‘You know, I’m feeling pretty good about it.'”

“I loved comic books. Japanese animation, cartoons. So to be able to play a character that I always fantasized about and always wanted to be — to have powers and stuff like that — and to be a part of Marvel’s family, it’s a huge deal for me,” he added. “I geek out about it.”

Naast Jordan als Johnny Storm/The Human Torch speelt Miles Teller de rol van Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara als Sue Storm en Jamie Bell als Ben Grimm/The Thing. De film draait vanaf 19 juni 2015 in de bioscoop.