Laurel & Hardy-film?


Er komt een Britse film over het duo Laurel en Hardy. De film zal geregisseerd worden door Jon S. Baird en draaien om de nadagen van de carrière van het duo. Het scenario werd geschreven door Jeff Pope (Philomena) en hierover zei Baird, “a really really, beautiful tale: a love story between two guys who come to realise they can’t live without each other”.

Vervolgens zei hij: “It also tells the story of their off-screen personas, which were quite different to what people would imagine knowing their on-screen ones. Stan Laurel was particularly different from his on-screen persona, and that was the thing I found really fascinating when I started reading the script. Stan was very much the driving force, Ollie was more relaxed, he just loved golfing and betting on the horses. Once he’d finish for the day, he’d be off, and though he would be consulted on the script ideas when they were rehearsing, he didn’t write the stuff, Stan wrote everything, I think he was a real tortured genius.”

Op dit moment wordt er gesproken met twee,“very high level” Hollywood stars to play The Boys. “We’re talking to our first choices.”