Emma Watson in Regression

Emma Watson in Regression

Eerder werd bekend dat Ethan Hawke de hoofdrol zou gaan spelen in Alejandro Amenábar’s thriller, Regression. Vandaag krijgen we bericht dat Emma Watson zijn tegenspeelster zal worden. Watson sprak over de samenwerking met Alejandro:

“I am passionate about Alejandro and his work and am so happy to be collaborating with him. I’m really excited by the challenge my character presents to me as an actress. I can’t wait to begin.”

Amenábar zei:

“Emma is a beautiful, humane, sensitive and very talented woman, and I feel very fortunate to be working with her. I’m sure that her long-standing stellar career has barely begun. Presumably he’ll resist the temptation to grill her about his favourite scenes from the Potter franchise, or whether he thinks Hermione should have ended up with Ron or Harry.”

Helaas kunnen we nog niet zeggen waar de film over zal gaan. Watson zal op 4 april te zien zijn Darren Aronofsky’s Bijbelse film Noah.