DreamWorks Animation geeft toe dat 3D faalde

Jeffrey Katzenberg, CEO bij DreamWorks Animation, gaat misschien aftreden van zijn functie. Hij heeft toegegeven dat het bedrijf heeft gefaald als het aankwam op 3D films:

“Unfortunately, we blew it on 3D,”

“It was a game-changing opportunity for the industry. When you gave them an exceptional film that artistically, creativity embraced and celebrated the uniqueness of that experience, people were happy to pay the premium,” he recalled with a note of sadness, citing “Avatar,” “Monsters vs. Aliens,” and “Life of Pi.”

Aldus Katzenberg. Wereldwijd waren er in 2015 74,561 3D schermen volgens het European Audiovisual Observatory. Desondanks was de opbrengst van deze films slechts 7.8 biljoen dollar, wat 20% van de totale box office is. Katzenberg gaat verder:

“Audiences have told us loud and clear, bigger is better, large format is clearly moving people because they want a bigger experience in terms of large screen, great sound, great projection” and “will pay a premium for a premium experience,”

”Big screen is not a gimmick. Attendance at sports has never been as high,”

“In Europe, we have a different market segmentation, including arthouse cinema, which isn’t so much part of the North American market.” So Europe also needs to pursue premium small format solutions, “a feeling of exclusivity, luxury, service comfort which doesn’t necessarily revolve around a big screen.”

filmhoek jeffrey katzenberg

Toch denkt hij dat de film Avatar 2 heel wat goed zou kunnen maken. Al is dit geen film van Dreamworks Animation