Bryce Dallas Howard over kritiek Jurassic World

Bryce Dallas Howard

Ondanks het grote box office succes van Universal Pictures‘ Jurassic World, was er ook veel kritiek op deze film. Voornamelijk het personage van Bryce Dallas Howard kreeg het te horen. Het waren vooral feministen die het nogal vrouwonvriendelijk vonden dat deze vrouw de gehele film hoge hakken droeg. Howard heeft onlangs gereageerd op deze kritiek. Dit deed ze in een interview met Cosmopolitan:

”Well, specifically with the heels, this character needed to seem ill-equipped to be in the jungle. She was somebody who looks like she belongs in a corporate environment for a reason, because she was someone who was disconnected from the animals and disconnected from that reality and disconnected from herself. She doesn’t at all expect that she’s going to be tromping through the jungle, and I’m really glad that we didn’t make the choice for me to be barefoot, because that would have also been kind of dangerous.”

”Oh, and something to mention, the character of Claire in particular, who seems so ill-equipped to be able to thrive in the jungle, gets to the point at the end where she is the hero. It’s Chris Pratt cowering with two children surrounded by stuffed animals, and my character who ends up saving the day. And that was something that Colin pitched to me before the script was even written. He was like, “In the end of the movie, she is the hero.” And you know what? She’s in high heels because she’s a woman who has been in high heels her whole life and she can fucking sprint in them. She can. ​That’s kind of how I perceived it.​ She doesn’t have to be in menswear and flats in order to outrun a T. rex. That’s what women can do.” 

Toch gaat Howard in het vervolg geen hoge hakken dragen.

”Yeah. For instance, when I found out there was going to be a sequel and that I was going to be in it, the way that I found out was that Colin texted me “#NoHeels2018.” And I was like, “Yeah!” Claire knows to get in there now and her dynamic with the animals has certainly shifted and the woman you see at the end of Jurassic World is very different from the woman see you at the beginning.”

Bryce Dallas Howard en Chris Pratt gaan beiden terugkeren in het vervolg. De Jurassic World sequel zal te zien zijn vanaf 22 juni 2018.