Assassin’s Creed krijgt ongeveer 200 miljoen dollar budget

Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO van Ubisoft Motion Pictures, heeft zich onlangs uitgelaten over de aankomende game-verfilming Assassin’s Creed. Hij vertelde niet alleen over het budget, maar ook de aanpak van de film.

We told Fassbender that we were going to build the project together, that we have an enormous brand and we want to make a film modelled on features like Batman Begins or Blade Runner. That’s what we’re aiming for. We promised him that he could work with the scriptwriters, that we were going to bring him into all the key creative choices” vertelt Baronnet

Assassin's Creed krijgt ongeveer 200 miljoen dollar budget

De Ubisoft CEO gaf tevens aan dat het een uitdaging was om het personage van Fassbender goed neer te zetten. Deze komt namelijk voor in twee tijdsperiodes.

”Assassin was complicated to develop, because you’re working with two time periods, one contemporary and one historical. With two heros, as you have Callum, the modern-day hero, and his ancestor Aguilar, who have two parallel stories which meet up. Generally in a film, you only have one hero. And with the link between the past and the present, you can’t have one of the stories taking precedence over the other. So structurally, it’s very complicated.”

Ook maakte hij het budget bekend voor de film. Het zou tussen de 150 en 200 miljoen dollar liggen. Ubisoft wil met Assassin’s Creed meer dan alleen gamers aan trekken:

”Our big gamble, is that it works for three audiences. Fans of our games, which there are some 95 million of; fans of mainstream cinema who are going to see Star Wars and Spider-Man; and in parallel, we’re also aiming it people who would never think of going to see an Assassin film, people who like independent films.”

De film moet 25 december 2016 in première gaan.